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Price Drop: GraphMe HD: Graphing Calculator (Education)

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GraphMe HD: Graphing Calculator 1.6.0

Device: iOS iPad Only
Category: Education
Price: $1.99 -> Free, Version: 1.6.0 (iTunes)


****Free for a limited time!****

Powerful and easy to use graphing calculator that allows you to plot real-valued functions, trajectories, and even vector fields on the cartesian plane. Everything with amazing retina graphics.

GraphMe takes full advantage of the multitouch capabilities of the device in a simple and intuitive way, like controlling the parametric interval of a trajectory with a simple finger gesture.


• You can graph in the cartesian plane the following type of functions:

Real-valued of a real variable (including functions in polar coordinates)
Vector fields

• Drag to pan, pinch to zoom and shake the device to restore the original position.

• Plot up to four graphs of real-valued functions at once, with different colours to distinguish them.

• Plot up to four graphs of functions in polar coordinates and change the angle variable with a gesture. Compare them alongside your functions in rectangular coordinates. You can change to polar coordinates with a swipe to the left on top of the real-valued functions fields.

• Create tables of values within the real functions plotter.

• Graph inequalities.

• Send your graphs as images through email, or save them to your photo gallery with amazing retina quality.

• You can change the parametric interval of your trajectory using a simple gesture, and see the changes on the fly.

• You can use the following functions: cos, sin, tan, exp, log, sqrt, pow, abs, csc, sec, cot, asin, acos, atan, sinh, cosh, tanh, csch, sech, coth, floor, ceil and round.

• Take full advantage of screen size, hiding the functions panel with a simple swipe.

• Night mode.

• Customised keyboard.

• More features to come!

Supported languages: English, Spanish.

What's New

Improved zoom.
Angle shown on screen while changing it dynamically on polar coordinates.
Parameter shown on screen while changing it dynamically on the trajectory grapher.
Touch the arrow on the right corner to open the functions panel (in addition to the swipe gesture).

GraphMe HD: Graphing Calculator

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