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New: The Drive : Devil's Run (Games)

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The Drive : Devil's Run 1.0

Device: iOS Universal
Category: Games
Price: $.99, Version: 1.0 (iTunes)



The Drive - Devil’s Run is classic point to point style racing game that pays homage to the classics such as The Need for Speed and Test Drive.
The game features five playable cars, from beginner through to pro level. Cars range from classic hatch through to supercar.
The racing takes place in a location known as “The Devil’s Run”. The location is split into three stages, each one progressing in difficulty, length and even time of day.
The aim of the game is simply to race your car to each checkpoint in the fastest time.
Points are awarded for fast times and difficulty.
The player can earn medals on each stage, as well as a trophy at the end of each full run.
The medals and trophies available are steel, bronze, silver and gold.
The Drive features both a local leaderboard, where the player can enter their name and try to beat the top scores and times, as well as online leaderboards via Game Center. There are also twenty-five Game Center achievements available to be unlocked.
The drive features beautiful, hand-drawn, comic-book style textures and detailed, cell-shaded car models.
Cars feature realistic physics based on real-world car models.


- A tribute to Need for Speed and Test Drive.
- 5 playable cars.
- 3 stages progressing in difficulty, length and time of day.
- Leaderboard an Achievement to unlock.
- Cell Shading and Comic-book style textures.

The Drive : Devil's Run

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