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Price Drop: The Bearded Hero (Games)

12/16/2014 1:00:15 AM   Bron:

The Bearded Hero 1.1

Device: iOS Universal
Category: Games
Price: $.99 -> Free, Version: 1.1 (iTunes)


4/5 Stars - “A delightfully tricky little puzzle game that merges originality with the comfort of familiarity” —

The game was featured on the front page of the Apple App Store as a “Best New Games” all over the world!

5/5 Stars - “Unique gameplay and great graphics. One of the best puzzle games of 2014! Ohh, and remember to clean the dishes.” -- Mom ;-)

Follow the Bearded Hero on a clay-made adventure where it is not unlikely to encounter sunbathing starfish, pipe-smoking mountains and sea monsters with bracelets.

Help him through 7 challenging and mind-bending worlds to collect the magic rings in order to defeat the evil evilings (and a not-so-credible storyteller).

Simple to learn, hard to master, but even harder to put down.
PS: a tip for starters - don’t let The Bearded Hero die too often - he is not always going to take it lightly.

• 35+ puzzle-filled levels to beat
• A charming but not-so-clever hero
• Lots of one-liners
• 7 wacky worlds
• Secrets to unlock
• Unique and addictive gameplay

What's New

The Bearded Hero goes free!!

The Bearded Hero

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