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Price Drop: 4444 (Games)

12/15/2014 11:00:12 PM   Bron:

4444 1.1.2

Device: iOS Universal
Category: Games
Price: $1.99 -> Free, Version: 1.1.2 (iTunes)


----- THE PRESS SAY -----

"4444 is taking puzzle addiction to the next level." -The Indie Game Magazine

"It's a clever design that builds a challenge from some very simple rules of play, and that's to be applauded." -Pocket Gamer

"A puzzle game a lot of folks are going to enjoy."

"The sound design is totally awesome, a retro-future female robot voice giving you kudos along the way."

*** Winner of the TOP 5 AWARD at Casual Connect Kiev 2013 ***

----- DESCRIPTION -----

4444 is a minimalist action puzzle with unique mechanics, designed for players of all ages.
No swiping, no tilting, no complicated gestures: simply tap the screen to play.
4444's gameplay is super easy to grasp: four squares of the same colour and size merge to form a bigger square, join all the squares on the board into one and beat the levels.

? Over 90 brain-teasing, epiphany-inducing, stress-relieving levels
? Three game modes will keep you busy for weeks
? Sugar free: no candies, jellies or other fattening nonsense
? Beautiful minimalist graphics with a retro hint

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IMPORTANT NOTE: 4444 features 60 free levels (including 12 tutorial levels) + 1 free Arcade games (endless mode). In-app purchases allow to unlock extra content. If you have purchased a previous version of 4444 all the purchaseable content will be automatically unlocked.

What's New

Enjoy the full content of 4444 free of charge!
To allow you to download 4444 for free we have added some, hopefully not too intrusive, advertising. If you want you can always remove the ads for a small fee and support the developers - who, in turn, will be eternally grateful.

N.B. If you had previously purchased 4444 or downloaded it using a Starbucks promocode, the game will automatically be ad-free.

- Added a new level to MOVES mode (level 2)
- Moved MOVES levels 7, 8 and 9 to the Tutorial section.
- Fixed a few minor bugs.

Thanks for playing 4444!

If you like the game, please take a minute to review it on the appstore.
If you experience a problem or have feedback please write at:

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