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Price Drop: Outline... (Productivity)

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Outline... 3.1.1

Device: iOS iPad Only
Category: Productivity
Price: $1.99 -> Free, Version: 3.1.1 (iTunes)


Free today with App of the Day HD!

Outline is a powerful, full featured note-taker, perfect for students, teachers, physicians, lawyers, executives and everyone who needs to sketch ideas, organize notes, annotate documents, keep any kind of journals.

Type and write, draw and annotate, import, export and sync! Creating and managing data is fun and iPad equipped with Outline becomes irreplaceable!

"My old digital notebooks just came alive with Outline. Its stunning graphics and animation seemed surreal. I can touch sections and list pages just like I would with a paper notebook." - Outline user.

**Enjoy your notes**
Type, write or draw anywhere on a page. Much like in a good old paper notebook you just do it your way, without the constraints of a tool! Limits are a thing of the past: arrange your ideas in Outline as they grow and populate the canvas, wherever they may lie.

**Organize your data**
The flawless organization of Outline visually portrays the hierarchy of your ideas. Create sections, pages and groups of sections within a notebook and have them customized to that specific subject. You won't get lost, but pleased with the simplicity of such structure.

The power of a full-featured text editor right when you need it. Built-in styles. Lists. Tables. Tags. Hyperlinks. Everything that could give you an easier time visualizing and structuring your thoughts is wrapped up into one multifunctional note-taking app.

If in some cases handwriting is preferable to typing, there is Outline handwriting mode. Rest your palm on the screen and write in the zoomed area with one of the supported styluses (Adonit JotScript, Pogo or Livescribe 3) or use your finger. Result - extra thin, nice inks with your own unique style!

**Draw. Highlight. Annotate**
When you’re thinking of something beyond words… Draw! Built-in pens and highlighter tool allow you to express your ideas in the easiest way ever! Annotate text, images and printouts with colorful inks. Use magic highlighters to emphasize text in one easy stroke.

**Attach files and insert printouts**
To collect related documents in one place, add them as file attachments or insert them as printouts for annotation. This way Outline becomes a universal tool for storing and working with your data.

 **Sync your data**
We provide a multitude of synchronization methods, so feel free to choose your favorite cloud. A broad range of supported services to keep your notebooks on iPad and Mac up to date like Box, Dropbox and iTunes (manual transfer) is guaranteed. Additional services like OneDrive and SharePoint support are offered as part of OneNote compatibility (In-App Purchase).

**Protect your notes**
Sensitive data deserves special attention and security.
Section password protection will keep your information safe using industry standard encryption algorithms. You have fine grained control when to automatically lock protected sections.

 **Use with Microsoft OneNote**
Outline is fully compatible with Microsoft OneNote. It can work with OneNote binary format and OneNote synchronization providers (OneDrive and SharePoint).
Compatibility with Microsoft OneNote is offered as an In-App Purchase and includes support of OneDrive and SharePoint.

OneNote support:
? OneNote 2013 - supported
? OneNote 2010 - supported
? OneNote 2007 - read-only
? OneNote 2003 - not supported

SharePoint Server support: 
? SharePoint 2013 - compatible 
? SharePoint 2010 - compatible 
? SharePoint 2007 - not compatible
? SharePoint Online (Office 365) - not compatible

**Stay tuned**
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What's New

Important for the following devices: iPad mini 2, iPad mini 3, iPad Air, iPad Air 2.?
Fixed serious issues:
?- Synchronization errors
- Freezing on text input


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