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New: Craft The World - Pocket Edition (Games)

12/13/2014 5:00:15 AM   Bron:

Craft The World - Pocket Edition 1.0.000

Device: iOS Universal
Category: Games
Price: $4.99, Version: 1.0.000 (iTunes)


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Craft the World is all about exploring different worlds with a tribe of dwarves under your leadership. It’s a unique mix of the strategy, block building sandbox, and tower defense genres.

• All sorts of exciting areas await, from snow-capped mountains to scorching deserts, from dangerous caves to abandoned dungeons full of monsters!

• Collect resources and mine minerals, ore and precious stones.

• Choose from a variety of objects and structures to build an impregnable fortress against your enemies’ nighttime invasions.

• Grow and harvest food and prepare dishes for your helpers.

• Research new armor, weapons, and magical elixirs.

• Surround the approaches to your fortress with traps and missile towers to withstand massive invading hordes of monsters.

• Build an extensive network of mines with elevators and railroads to reach the richest veins of the most precious metals.

• But be ready to face dangerous monsters from the depths of the earth!

• Find the ancient portal scrolls to build the portal and reach new worlds.

Craft The World - Pocket Edition

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