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Price Drop: SUBURBIA City Building Board Game (Games)

12/12/2014 9:00:15 PM   Bron:

SUBURBIA City Building Board Game 1.2

Device: iOS iPad Only
Category: Games
Price: $4.99 -> $2.99, Version: 1.2 (iTunes)


"All in all, the app is pretty fantastic ... a wonderful addition to anyone’s iPad." -Board Game Geek

"An accessible and interesting game, and we recommend it for budding strategists and architects alike." -Pocket Gamer

"Overall, Suburbia is pretty awesome. It plays well, looks good, has lasting replay value ... There’s simply not much to complain about." -148Apps

Ted Alspach's city-building board game is now on iPad! The winner of the prestigious 2013 Mensa Select Mind Games award challenges you to manage a growing metropolis. Choose your strategy carefully as you compete against multiple computer personalities, your friends, and players around the world. Or take on the Single Player Campaign, and travel to real-life cities, each with unique goals.

Build residential, commercial, civic, and industrial areas like stores, museums, airports, and of course suburbs. The market is always changing, so spend your cash wisely. Be careful not to grow too quickly, or you'll lose both income and your reputation. Make the right moves to grow your population and you will emerge victorious!

• Two to four player Local Pass-and-Play games
• Six unique AI (computer) personalities
• Single Player Campaign
• Asynchronous turn-based Online Multiplayer through Game Center
• Interactive Tutorial
• Rule Book, Strategy Tips, Tile Reference, and Goal Reference
• English and German language tiles
• Over 50 different buildings
• Unlock Essen SPIEL Expansion tiles
• Supports all iPads running iOS 6 and higher

What's New

• "Stats" Main Menu button opens new Player Statistics screen
• New Single Player Campaign cities: Seattle and Boston
• "Reference" Main Menu button opens new Suburbia Reference screen
• "Rules and Tips" (previously "Rule Book") and "Tutorial" buttons moved to new Reference screen
• Rules screen now has shortened "Suburbia Rules" on left and "Strategy Tips" on right
• Added explanation of "Show Pass Screen for Comp Turns" option to Rules
• "Tile Elements" and "Tile Terminology" moved to new Tile Reference screen
• New Goal Reference screen
• If available, Round number, player names, and date Created are shown for In Progress Online Multiplayer games
• New button to go straight to "In Progress" games list after your turn in an Online Multiplayer game
• Online Multiplayer button changed from "Resign" to "Forfeit" to match latest Game Center terminology
• Improved formatting of Single Player Campaign Help text
• Larger "hit area" for Main Menu buttons
• Saved Games can be deleted by swiping left or right
• Resolved issue where tiles could be built while flipping
• Resolved issue with Indianapolis, Dallas, and Essen, where tiles could be placed on top of the Player Board
• Resolved issue where Online Multiplayer games that were forfeited might still show as In Progress
• Requires iOS 6 or higher

SUBURBIA City Building Board Game

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