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Common questions about iTunes Radio

9/21/2013 1:00:51 AM   Bron: Apple Support

Can I skip Songs? Yes. You can skip six songs per station per hour. If the Skip Forward control appears dimmed and doesn't respond, you have reached the maximum number of skips for that channel per hour. Can I repeat or replay a song? Similar to a radio station, a song on iTunes Radio is played in real time. You can purchase songs you like directly from the station's history. How do I fast-forward a song? Similar to a radio station, a song on iTunes Radio is played in real time; however, with iTunes Radio, you can skip up to six songs per hour on a station. Why does the music stop playing after two hours? iTunes Radio will time out if you don't interact with your system or device for approximately two hours. If this happens, simply access iTunes Radio again and choose a station to continue playing. How do I remove ads from iTunes Radio? A subscription to iTunes Match will provide the added benefit of ad-free iTunes Radio. iTunes Match subscribers: To remove ads from iTunes Radio, you must turn on this service in Settings > Music on your iOS device or choose Store > Turn On iTunes Match in iTunes on your Mac or PC. Learn more about iTunes Match. Why doesn't my head unit (iOS compatible car stereo) play music from iTunes Radio when my phone is connected? Make sure you have at least one song downloaded onto your iPhone. This should allow the stereo to stream music from iTunes Radio.  

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